Why do Ostrichs bury their head in the sand?

Of course, you’ve heard many times that the ostrich is hiding its head in the sand in danger. The legionnaires of ancient Rome turned out to be a myth.

During the expansion of Rome, when the Romans returned home, they brought countless stories and stories about the conquered regions and animals living on them, some of them honest and some interesting.

Ostriches are completely stupid birds, and the survival instinct is less developed in the eyes of predators than other members of the animal world. They can run at high speeds of up to 75 km at long distances and can reach 95 km / h in case of danger.

The ostrich will grow to 2.3 meters and the weight will reach 150 kg, has strong legs, so you cannot imagine that the bird will sit and wait until it attacks the hunter.

Ostrich seems to hide her head in the sand, but in fact she acts only like that. The ostrich feels a danger to their lives and stretches her head and long neck into the sand.

If he fails to deceive the attacking animal, then he runs at high speed and starts roaring loudly.

Ostrich hiding their heads in the sand is nothing but the fiction invented by ancient Roman soldiers. The expression “bury my head in the sand” stems from ostriches.

If someone tells you once that you eyen hide your head in the sand, sorun the interlocutor sees you here and now as a person who cannot solve their problems or who is afraid of difficulties.

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