Unknown facts about condoms

Egypt, Greece and Rome where women are prevented by pregnancy. In the 15th century, condoms covering only the in front of the penis appeared in Asia

This method will be done before birth and only in upper classes peoples. In Japan, there are condoms made of turtle shell and animal horn, and in China, made of silk paper and lamb intestine wetted with olive oil.

While it is known that in the 1300s, as well as Egyptian men’s sexual organs were fitted with fancy sheaths, these condoms had attracted attention. In the 16th century, Gabriele Falloppio, the Italian anatomist, was the first to refer to the history of medicine in the history of medicine.

In 1490, he started his condom thesis in order to be able to fight with the syphilis that ravaged Europe. Falloppi, which designs linen covers with a ribbon to cover the head of the penis, has wetted these cases with a chemical solution and it is explained that it will dry before use.

This is the first written document, which suggests that millions of people can be saved from death by suggesting that the present invention is an experimental invention.

After this meeting, it is seen that the penis covers / cases were closed before use and condoms were made from the intestine. In the same period, I believe that the condom, which was the target of accusations with some of the Catholic theologians, was born in 1666 according to the birth rate.

In the late 16th century, condoms made of intestine covering the entire penis were seen, but after being quite expensive, many were not preferred and were largely out of the way because they prevented pleasure.

Condoms, advertisements in previous periods, generalized but could not reach anyone at high prices. The condom was introduced in the 18th century from synthetic materials such as leather, rubber, and replaced by standard items distributed to soldiers in wars.

War periods, protected from disease, forced to be preferred, pre-prepared, after World War I became easier access to everyone by becoming legalized.

1900’s thermal technology made the first condom of the modern latex, Goodyear, used rubber as the substance it used. Latex are the source of condoms today.

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