People who are a rich from stock market

In general, the stock exchange is expressed as the platforms in which the public offerings are traded and traded. Exchange of shares is traded on the stock exchanges, so the difference between the price, difference between buying and selling

The history of the stockpile generally goes back to the 14th century and goes back to 1200-1500 years before Christ. According to the information obtained from the writings of the Romans and the Phoenicians, the people who live in this age have laid the foundation of the first borsiculty with the panerian.

The Roman Empire in the 5th Century BC The Roman Empire, which passed through Rome, formed the establishment of the name of Collegium Marcatorum in the forum carrying the name of the Bosphorus from the Roman Kings. With the establishment of this establishment where neighborhood traders, wholesalers and agents come together to trade, the foundations of the stock exchange are considered to have been laid.

In the 12th and 13th centuries, a new era began with the presence and use of the bill. The use of bills in trade has led to the practicality and ease of trade.

If we go back to the present day, the stock market serves as a source of capital in cash for the company that wants to buy and sell money for investors, and to distribute its shares. For example, if a company needs capital for a new project, it may sell its shares in the stock exchanges and thus earn money and spend it on its promotion, advertising or other investments.

International markets include global markets in geographical and commercial centers such as Hong Kong, Tokyo, London, as well as corporate exchanges within each country.

The prices of all goods traded in the stock market are determined according to the supply and demand balance in free market conditions.

As supply and demand conditions change frequently depending on various factors, prices are in constant motion.
The speculators, which have a large amount of assets in the stock market, can direct or increase this stock market by directing this material power to any investment vehicle.

Therefore, the stock market can be a risky market due to the fact that it can be manipulated despite all inspections and prohibitions.
Due to the fluctuations in prices, investors can generate revenue by buying or selling goods in goods foreseen to fall.

How to make money from the stock market

In order to start making money in the stock market, it is enough for investors to buy and sell any or all of the products traded on the stock market. For example, buying a certain amount of stock from any company and selling it will be one of the first steps to make money in the stock market.

The richest stockbroker of the world

Warren Buffett, who was the third richest man in the stock market with his fortune of 82.5 billion dollars and placed himself in third place as we mentioned in our list of the richest people in the world, started to buy and sell stocks at a very young age. Warren Buffett also started his grandfather’s grocery store when he was only 6 and sold his coca cola bottles with 5 cents a snow for his first win. At the age of 11, he started to sell stocks and started to work with his father who was a stockbroker.

Warren Buffett, who has a great success in managing money, sold his shares when he was 11 and made a profit. Later, when he saw that the stocks he sold increased further in the years to come, he understood that he had to make long-term investments. Thanks to this understanding, the richest man in the world is advancing rapidly on our list.

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