The 5 Most Embarrassing Relatives Of Famous People

Every family has its black sheep. The Hearsts had Patty, the Sheens have Charlie, and the Baldwins have …. all of the Baldwins. But it turns out those famous kooks were at the top of their game, because plenty of celebs have embarrassing kin who are too incompetent to even… Continue reading

5 Crazy Statistics That’ll Change How You Think Of Crime

When you’re the victim of a crime, you might think “Why did this happen to me? Did I do something wrong? Was I cursed by an evil leprechaun?” Well, if science is to be believed, leprechauns don’t exist, and if they did, they’d definitely be Chaotic Neutral. But the reality… Continue reading

15 Most Interestıng Unknown Facts You Should Know

People say “Bless you” when you sneeze because when you sneeze, your heart stops for a millisecond. It is physically impossible for pigs to look up into the sky The “sixth sick sheik’s sixth sheep’s sick” is said to be the toughest tongue twister in the English language. “Rhythm” is… Continue reading