Just 10 Omg Facts

Did you know that some of your brain cells died when you sneezed? Or have you heard that about one-sixth of your life goes on Wednesday? The interesting information you will read soon will make you forget all you know. 1.Most football players run an average of 11 km during… Continue reading

5 interesting things happen in your body while you sleep and the benefits of sleeping

Sleep is a natural form of rest observed in all mammals, birds and fish. These creatures need sleep to perform their daily functions. Sleep cannot be described as completely unconscious. After drowsiness, some people and animals dream, while others claim or do not remember. If you are wondering more about… Continue reading

How you can know out if a girl is in love with you?

Women are emotional creatures, and if they are in love with you, they will reveal themselves with their body language. All you need to do to understand this is just to be more careful. There are some unconscious actions and nonverbal signs sent by girls in love. If you notice… Continue reading

Foods that are good for anxiety and anxiety disorders

Numerous people around the world are trying to cope with anxiety and anxiety disorders, but it doesn’t get much results. In cases of anxiety, people turn to drugs, herbal medicine and food. That’s why we’re going to tell you about the food that’s good for your worries. Blueberries Blueberries are… Continue reading

The Stone that causes people to go mad

The Stone of Madness is known in the Middle Ages as the stone in people’s brains that causes them to become mentally ill. The Madness Stone, which is seen as the reason why people lost their minds in the 15th century, was believed to come back if the brain was… Continue reading