Nusret Rejected 4 times in America Visa Application but now how won #Saltbae?

Nusret Gokce, one of the five children of a mine worker, or the saltbae, as we know it, is now busy throwing the dust of the United States, but how did this adventure begin?

Interestingly, SaltBae’s life and adventure before the start of the visa application for America embassy has rejected 4 consecutive times.
He think this is from due to the fact that he does not have any money and does not have any home registered on it.

SaltBae(Nusret) says that what owes us to the present day is to meet the businessman Ferit Şahenk, who also owns the name of the elementary school he had left many years ago.
Dogus Group, owned by Ferit Şahenk, is the biggest partner of Nusret restaurants.

here is a section from the old interview where Nusret’s presented the sections of his life and how the visa applications were denied

Could you tell me who she is, where she came from?

I was born in 1983 in Erzurum/Turkey. I am one of five children of a mine worker ken At the age of 2, we moved from Erzurum to Darıca. Because of his work, but could see my father in 4-5 weeks a day. Only my younger brother graduated from high school, none of us could read it for financial reasons. I had to leave Darica Faik Şahenk Secondary School in sixth grade.

How did your career start?

I started as a butcher’s apprentice in the Bostanci Butchers Bazaar. I worked with 10 masters at the same time for a minute. I didn’t make any annual leave, I didn’t watch overtime. I was active 18 hours a day.

What was the break point?

In 2007, the butcher-restaurant concept started in Istanbul İstinye Park. I was excited about this formation. In 2008-2009, I said, iş How can this business be in the world? 2008 Argentina, America and Japan should be the best.

No foreign language, no information, how dare you?

A French customer helped me, I went to Argentina in 2009 with my last salary and 4000 usd from my credit card. For three months I’ve visited farms, butchers, restaurants.

What did you do to corner Turkey?

I continued my salaried work. I started to exhibit all my learning at the institution I worked for. Im I made the first Turkish delight. Insanlar Walnut, ’The first seven people in the cage. I’ve come, it’s like the chemistry of the meat has changed. In 2010, I was America. I applied for a visa, but there is no money in my account, my registered home, no property, I am not married. I’ve been rejected four times.

I’ve been in newspapers and magazines a couple of times after Argentina. they gave me a 3-month visa. My menu in the USA was published in the New York Times. I worked illegally in four of New York’s top four restaurants.

You did not have a job waiting for you when you get back to Turkey …

My intention was to open my own place. So many offers came. Mithat Erdem was an old friend. I put my labor, that he put money. What’s the name going to be? “Give me the money, I’ll buy you a money counting machine soon, you’ll count the money,” I said. 5-6 months after all the investment had been. I paid the price.

How do you achieve a feeling?

Every evening at my first store, I would walk across the door and watch the sign written by you. I would pray and be grateful. I’m still thankful.

Then you made a partnership with Dogus Group and entered ın Champions League -. How did it happen?

In 2009, Levent Veziroglu, the CEO of D.Ream, said, ir Nusret will be very good. 2009 Last year we signed with Dogus Group.


Salt Bae’s life started in this way and continues to grow and become famous. Although the list of people who are not dealing with the food and beverage industry, who knows, perhaps we will see itself very soon in the world’s richest among the people we share in our article.

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