Just 10 Omg Facts

Did you know that some of your brain cells died when you sneezed? Or have you heard that about one-sixth of your life goes on Wednesday? The interesting information you will read soon will make you forget all you know.

1.Most football players run an average of 11 km during a match.

2.Only rabbits and parrots can see their backs without turning their heads.

3.The reason the whip makes a cracking sound is that its tip moves faster than the sound.

4. $7 million was spent on the construction of the 4th Titanic. The film cost $ 200 million.

5.When the hippos are upset, their sweat turns red.

6.Each time a sneeze, some of the brain cells die.

7.Due to the location of the heart, the left lung is smaller than the right one.

8.Laughter reduces stress hormone and strengthens the immune system. While a 6-year-old laughs an average of 300 times a day, adults laugh only 15-100 times.

9.If you chew gum while chopping onions, you will not cry

10. Boeing 747 has a system that can fly upside down if its wings do not break while trying to turn.

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