Interesting information and interesting facts about Ufo

UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects) has been created by a research team called ufology

 Science is not recognized as a science, and most scholars see it as a false science. In the middle of the twentieth century, some researchers in the USSR discussed the possibility of a UFO. However, on 8 January 1961, the Pravda newspaper published an article titled The Legend of the Flying Plates, which ended in a few years.

The term flying saucers an first appeared after an American businessman and experienced mountain pilot Kenneth Arnold in 1947, after he said he saw a few strange flying objects on the Cascade Mountains (Washington).

An American couple living in Portsmouth, Betty and Barney Hill were the first inhabitants of our planet kidnapped by aliens. At least that’s what they said. According to Betty and Barney, on 19 September 1961, they were returning from their holiday in neighboring Canada.

Suddenly a strange flying object appeared on their car. Later, they couldn’t remember what happened to them in two hours.

Many scientists believe that all the rumors and testimonies about the visits of our planet by representatives of other civilizations have not been proven.

At the same time, according to polls, more than 80 percent of US residents believe that the right information on this issue is hidden from them.

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