Here are the tallest women in the world

When we say the tallest woman in the world, someone in your mind comes alive; 180 cm, 185cm, 190cm, 200cm, 210cm, 220 cm or something if no one is not because the length of the world’s tallest woman 233 cm

If you have read and amazed the women who have previously mentioned the women in the world’s longest necked women list, we will be more surprised by the list we are going to share now.

Former basketball player Ekaterina Lisina is a Russian and he has a total of 2.06 m and also has two bronze medals from the Summer Olympics.

2.13 m tall Gitika Srivastava is an old basketball player from India

American basketball player Malgorzata Dydek’s length is 2.18 m in length

Sandy Allen has been found in the Guinness Book of World Records as the tallest woman in the world with a length of 2.32 m from 1976 to 2008 (the date of death).

Yao Defen, 2.33 m tall, is the tallest woman in the world and weighs exactly 200 kg. The foot number of Yao Defen is 78

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