Facts and interesting information about TV’s

The first television was made by Max Dieckmann in 1907 and the screen size was only 3×3 centimeters, and this was only 10 shots per second

The first televisions that made a big sale in the United States were 13×25 centimeters. Regular television sales in the United States began in 1939. The first edition of the April 30th edition of the year for the audience was a speech by President Franklin Roosevelt.

In 1950, only three countries had regular television broadcasts. In addition, the first advertising was published in the Soviet Union, the United States and the United Kingdom in 1939. During a baseball game, the audience saw a short video about the useful properties of the Procter & Gamble soap.

Since 1941, the period of paid advertising began. The first video only took 10 seconds, the customer paid only 9 dollars for it. The watch brand that advertises Bulova Watch Company Meanwhile.

one of the first ads ended with curiosity, On the screen suddenly appeared a clear image of a cockroach. Some TV viewers say they’re breaking television sets, trying to destroy pests and trying to understand what’s going on. There were even two cases against a television company.

Famous film director Steven Spielberg did not allow her children to watch TV for more than an hour a day, thinking she had a negative impact on her children’s mental health. The director explained that he saw the books as the best way to obtain information.

According to statistics, 70 percent of Americans watch television every day, but the most addicted people are Japanese. On average, every resident of this country is spending 9 hours a day in front of the screen.

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