The 5 Most Embarrassing Relatives Of Famous People

Every family has its black sheep. The Hearsts had Patty, the Sheens have Charlie, and the Baldwins have …. all of the Baldwins. But it turns out those famous kooks were at the top of their game, because plenty of celebs have embarrassing kin who are too incompetent to even… Continue reading

5 Crazy Statistics That’ll Change How You Think Of Crime

When you’re the victim of a crime, you might think “Why did this happen to me? Did I do something wrong? Was I cursed by an evil leprechaun?” Well, if science is to be believed, leprechauns don’t exist, and if they did, they’d definitely be Chaotic Neutral. But the reality… Continue reading

5 Horrible Chemicals That Are In Absolutely Everything

For a while there, our grandparents went nuts adding toxic chemicals to pretty much everything, because they were just called “chemicals” back then. After decades of intensive research, we now know how harmful these once-ubiquitous substances are. Which is why today they are … uh, still ubiquitous? Yep, it turns… Continue reading

Nusret Rejected 4 times in America Visa Application but now how won #Saltbae?

salt bae

Nusret Gokce, one of the five children of a mine worker, or the saltbae, as we know it, is now busy throwing the dust of the United States, but how did this adventure begin? Interestingly, SaltBae’s life and adventure before the start of the visa application for America embassy has… Continue reading